What is the Spa/Pool Hub

The Spa and Pool Hub is a pre-configured logic driven control system for your Spa or Pool, operated via a 7” full colour touch screen, It can control either a pool on its own, one or two spas, or a small pool and spa from one screen. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

What kind of projects does it suit?

Each controller is made to order to your specification  and can suit any projetc from a residential tiled spa  with a small plant room, to a larger commercial pool or spa in a hotel or holiday park. We just need to know what equipment (pumps heaters etc) you want to control and what kind or features are important to you.

Spa & Pool Hub









What’s included?

We supply a pre-wired control box with all the switch gear and contactors mounted inside a metal control box. This makes for safe and easy installation into the plant room either via your electrician or one of our installers. We include a pre-configured 7” full colour touch screen with lots of easy to use features and settings such as temperature control, filtration times, pump run on, guided maintenance screen and much more.

There are also several optional extras available.


  • Web connectivity
  • Remote monitoring
  • Integration with
  •                 *Auto Chemical Dosers (Astral & Certidos)
  •                 *Heatpumps (Calorex)
  • Spa equipment packs/skids (plug & play)
  • Spa Shells
  • Pool Equipment
  • Secondary touch screens

Why do i need the Spa/Pool Hub?                                                                                                         

Experience has taught us that no one pool or spa installation is the same.
Often there can be a missing link when it comes to the Spa or Pool controls.  Who’s responsible for making it all work together?

Let’s be honest, choosing a luxury spa shell is the fun part, buying  the equipment is also fairly straightforward. But making it all work together properly can be a bit daunting. Who do you task with figuring it all out?

An electrician or a panel builder? Well historically yes that’s what does happen, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult or hit and miss. 

What different about the Spa/Pool Hub?

When you choose Spa/Pool Hub we work with you to specify, build & supply the entire control element for your pool or spa. We configure the 7”  touch screen and build the panel with all the switch gear and contactors so the whole system works just how you  want it to !   It’s then simply a case of connecting up the equipment to the panel and providing power,

Our system uses logic controllers which means we have  been able to develop a feature rich, easy to use interface that’s very powerful and flexible. We include on screen prompts to guide the user through processes such as back wash.

Settings such as timers and temperatures are easy to adjust and we also offer dedicated maintenance screens and history logs for engineers.

Is there a web panel?

Yes, we offer the option of web connectivity. This means the maintenance team or client have the option to monitor the pool or spa health remotely using our dedicated online portal.  Depending on what equipment we integrate with then parameters such as Sanitiser levels, & PH, Frequency of water changes, temperatures, errors, alarms can all be logged and viewed online. We can even go so far as to incorporate cameras so you can remotely monitor your plant room or pool hall.

How to order/enquire?

To enable us to quote please fill in an  enquiry form that can be downloaded here

Filling the form in will help us to specify the right solution for you.  We need to know as many details as possible about your project. Whether you’re installing several commercial tiled spas or upgrading an existing pool and spa. As long as we have details of all the equipment you want to control and  what features you want to be able  to use on the screen then we can make sure your installation goes smoothly.

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7 " Touch Screen
  • Full colour 7" Touch Screen
  • Easy to use
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Metal Control Box
Guided Backwash
Remote Monitoring
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