Award Winning Water Blades


Our bespoke Waterfalls deliver a truly stunning, look and feel to your pool or hot tub.
We can create that wow factor for your spa whatever your vision.
Our award winning curved waterfall is available with a mirror polished stainless steel finish.
Our unique system intgrates coloured LED lighting that bends with the water to create an impressive effect

We include an option to mount sleek led touch buttons into the side of the stainless so that the  functions of the  waterfall/lighting and potentially the spa itself are within easy reach of the bather/swimmer. All electrics are concealed.


  • Bespoke waterfall feature for spas & pools
  • Mirror polished stainless steel finish
  • High quality curved stainless steel
  • Multi colour LED light injection
  • Option for Inbuilt touch buttons to control lighting & spa functions.
  • Concealed cables/electrics
  • Suitable for Pools, Spas & Yacht Spas


Award Winning  Product of the year- Silver
UK Pool & Spa Industry Awards 2016


Our Inset Acrylic waterfalls can span up to 2 meters long.

They produce an even blade of water, that bends the light.

These are a popular feature on our super yacht spas.

  • Up to 2 meters in length
  • LED Light injection

Flybridge Spa - Waterfall

Inset into the teak, this 1.8m waterfall creates an impressive feature on this Super yacht spa

Waterfall - Teak Spa

Another custom install, this teak spa with stainless water fall was installed into a luxury knightsbridge home.

Bespoke Polished Stainless

Destined for a private superyacht spa in Italy, this waterfall added the finishing touch to the luxury spa.
Sleek switches are embedded into the feature for use whilst bathing.

Bespoke Polished Stainless

Bespoke Polished Stainless

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