Precision, quality & cutting-edge design

We have over 12 years’ experience in the design & build of bespoke luxury Spa systems for the marine & leisure industry.
In that time we have become market leaders in the integration of specialist Hydro-Massage systems into Superyachts.

One of our largest clients is Princess Yachts Ltd ( in Plymouth, and we have been preferred suppliers to the world-renowned builder of the pinnacle in luxury yachts for well over ten years.
Experience has taught us that in this market there is a high demand for a luxury Spa experience and as a result we have developed systems to meet these demands.
Our team of skilled engineers customise solutions to suit each client, and our services allow you to develop an aesthetically pleasing spa bath without compromising on functionality or engineering standards.

What design features you can expect on a Yacht Spa....

Waterfall Blade and Light Effects
LED Waterfall system with water light injection
Waterfall has a continuous run of up to 2 meters.
Even water flow, allowing even distribution regardless of how the boat is moving in the water.
Automatic switch off after 30 minutes
Automatic fill and empty control system
Automatic hot or cold fill.
Automatic empty.
Automatic level hold with auto top-up.
Custom user control pad – with child lock.


Hydrotherapy System Control

Automatic activation of circulation system once correct water level is achieved.
Automatic advanced water heating to bring spa up to user temperature.
Spa anti dry run protection.
Water massage pump jet control with turbo air control.
Air massage blower control – with speed settings.
Automatic deactivation upon draining.
Climate change control sensors.
Blow out of air and water jet systems.


Water Sanitisation System

UV disinfection system to allow safer use for longer periods without the use of chemicals.
Other features (Specific to Skydeck and Flybridge Spas)
Working to MCA guidelines
Spas are designed to withstand the stress of a harsh marine environment.
Thermostatic mixer valves.
Auxiliary drain valves; meeting RCA guidelines.
Fast heat up time.
Lighting effects
Fully draining system.
3, or single, phase control gear


Safety Devices

Over-heat protection sensors.
Safety suction release valves.
Overload protection for all devices.
UV failure alarm system
Automatic fill and empty control system
Child locks.

Yacht Spa Design

We work with Superyacht companies, shipyards, designers and private clients to design a spa that integrates with the yacht.

Touch Screen Touch Pad

We have developed a number of control system solutions specifically for superyacht spas including bespoke touch screen solutions.

Wow Factors

Over the years we have developed some fantastic water & lighting features. Our water blade is pressurised and the flow is constant despite and movement in the boat.

Princess Yachts Ltd

Princess Yachts Flybridge Spa

Princess Yachts Ltd
Private yacht spa

Bespoke water feature on private superyacht in Italy. We designed and produced a large mirror polished stainless water fall feature for this yacht spa, complete with injected LED lighting.

Princess Yachts Ltd
Princess Yachts Ltd
Touch Screen Controls

We have developed a complete logic driven control system operated via a touch screen control panel

Stateroom Whirlpool Bath
London Boat Show
Private Super Yacht

A bespoke spa install on a private super yacht in Italy. With balance tank pre-filtered and heated below deck this spa can be filled with warm water at the touch of a button.