Cleaning & Care

Specialist Spa Care Range

It's important to clean and maintain your Spa bath carefully so we stock a wide range of specialist cleaning and care products. From plumbing system cleaners, water sanitisers, filter cleaners and surface sprays. 
Please contact us with your requirments, we're happy to send most goods internationally.
Product Range Summary:

  • Pure-Spa Chlorine Granules/Tablets - Spa water sanitiser
  • Pure-Spa Testing Strips - Quickly check sanitiser levels are safe
  • Pure-Spa System Flush - Cleans inside hidden pipe work
  • Pure-Spa Surface Cleaner Spray - Cleans spa jets and surfaces
  • Pure-Spa Filter Cleaner Spray - Cartridge filter cleaner
  • Ahh-Some Plumbing system cleaner - Clean inside hidden pipe work
  • Grit Gitters, Leaf Nets, Filters and more

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